new underwater museum


Думаете  - это снова про Николаевский карьер?

Нииит же!

Это про берега прекрасной Франции - Лазурный берег, Каны, всетакое...

The French town of Cannes has a new underwater art museum, which aims to protect and provide refuge for marine life. Located off the Île Sainte Marguerite, it consists of six sculptures of mask-wearing faces, each over six feet tall.

It took four years for British underwater artist's Jason deCaires Taylor to create the sculptures, which form his first installation in the Mediterranean. It comprises portraits of locals, ranging from an 80-year-old local fisherman to a nine-year-old primary school student. The sculptures are situated at a depth of up to 3m and weigh around 12 tons each. As well as creating a fascinating new diving spot in the area, it is hoped they may help to attract flora and fauna.

The masks relate to the history of the island, which was where the "Man with the Iron Mask" was imprisoned in the late 17th century. They also relate to modern debates about identity, public persona and what lies behinds the exterior. Prior to them being placed underwater, old marine infrastructure, garbage, old pipes and cables had to be removed from the area.

The sculptures were floated to the site by boat and were placed into position by divers with the help of cranes. Now that they are in place, snorkelers and divers can swim among the sculptures without paying an entrance fee.

Ну как же  он мило рисует брови!!!

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